working on Key-frames

2017-02-27 07:52:14 by ibrabdo

New timelaps, working on Key-frames for a new scene, using TVpaint... hope u like it


2017-01-29 05:54:37 by ibrabdo

Newtimlelaps for an animation i'm working on:

Animation process 6: "Stoop"

2017-01-04 05:25:19 by ibrabdo

checkout my new animation process for a new scene i'm working on:

wip 5: "waiting"

2016-11-06 05:40:43 by ibrabdo

new WIP u can find here :)


2016-10-23 11:15:45 by ibrabdo

Did a loop animation for my good friends at Imagine Incredible​ ... stay tuned for a new player in the comic-strip world :)

new 360 location "old house"

2016-10-09 05:27:49 by ibrabdo

realesed a new 360 video, check it out here, there is some insights to :)

monthly voting

2016-10-01 11:19:14 by ibrabdo

i've been invited to participate in the private monthly voting panel! i guess this is cool right ? 

At work

2016-09-25 04:38:09 by ibrabdo

This happens to me everyday when i start drawing :D does it happen to you !!

new work process

2016-09-18 13:30:49 by ibrabdo

Hi guys, i uploaded new Animation process :D